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HF Curemaster is the new benchmark in truck tire manufacturing.


  • Flexible and compact footprint
  • Possibility to replace older, smaller presses
    > Potential for more presses per existing trench

Quality & maintainability

  • Even distribution of squeeze force ensures optimum tire uniformity and longest mold life
  • Longer life time of the hydraulic components due to maximum hydraulic pressure of only 100 bar
  • Easy access to main hydraulic, pneumatic and heating components


  • Press accommodates molds from 62-67"
  • Modular design to meet the latest market requirements
  • Customized modules offer adjustment to customers specifications and individual needs
  • Built according to the latest safety, environmental and manufacturing requirements

Total cost of ownership

  • Designed to provide the lowest energy consumption
  • Durable construction for longer press-life
  • Meets the highest requirements for availability, performance and quality

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