HF ONE TireTechnology International Innovation award winner 2019
smart machine design for your success – powered by passion.

HF’s ONE Tire Building Machine is the answer to new challenges in tire manufacturing and market demands.

High flexibility

  • ONE machine, three possible carcass drums
  • Quick change-over of different carcass drums without changing the shaft < 20 min.
  • High force, long hub, servo driven for symmetrical turn-up movements => SW width up to 230 mm (+)
  • Low final shaping distance => 180 mm bead to bead

Tire quality

  • Less stress on ply due to flat turn-up
  • Separate IL and SW application
  • No ply ending in SW area due to C turn-up
  • Constant cord length bead to bead
  • Very accurate SW inboard edge application
  • Ply-down to reinforce the carcass
  • Automation of former two-stage process with permanent bead control

Tire cost

  • High C turn-up => Reduces material and tire weight
  • No sidewall cracks when tire is in use due to elimination of ply ending in sidewall area
  • High efficiency

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