Extrusion machinery

Smart heads for cutting edge extrusion technology

The extrusion units and extrusion lines designed by the HF TireTech Group are of modular design and are known and well acknowleged in the tyre industry and by manufacturers of technical rubber goods.

Thanks to its high technological standards, utmost reliability and extremely long-life cycle of its machines and components, the HF TireTech Group had already earned worldwide recognition and repuration for extruders many decades under the previous owner Krupp or Thyssen Krupp.

The HF TireTech Group develops and supplies hot and cold feed extruders and extrusion heads from Simplex to Quintuplex in different configurations as well as complete extrusion lines specifically tailored to the profiles to be produced. Our systems are individually designed and manufactured according to your specific needs.

Benefits of our upstream:

  • Extruders with optimum throughput performance
  • High performance screws for every application
  • Compact design of multiplex extrusion heads made from high quality forged steel
  • Optimised head weight and floor space required
  • Reduced pressure build up through optimized and computer designed flow channel
  • Guaranteed leak-free extrusion heads by wear resistant head concept
  • Patented hammerhead locking system
  • Faster and safer profile change through modular tooling
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Global service

The HF TireTech Group's range of downstream equipment in cooperation with expirienced suppliers and global partners

  • Highly efficient and easy to maintain cooling lines
  • Various winding systems specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Precision skivers
  • High-precision measurement systems for different applications
  • Complexing systems for online integration of additional tyre components
  • Intelligent booking systems
  • State of the art control and automation concepts

The HF TireTech Group - Your partner for high-quality, efficient and economical solutions in extrusion technology.

You can find more detailed information on our machines and systems in the data sheets in our Download area.