Co-Extrusion heads

HF extrusion heads offer a universal flow channel technology with our unique hammerhead locking system to ensure fast & safe changing of profiles in combination with a high degree of operational reliability and precision. Co-Extrusion heads are available with head openings of MW 500 mm and MW 800 mm. The Duplex is also available in MW 650. The available setup extends up to five extruders:

Extrusion Heads


  • Compact design/marginal deflection
  • High-quality forged steel
  • Optimised head weight and space required
  • Good access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Use of insert modules for profile adjustment
  • Secure operation
  • Effective location of hydraulic cylinders
  • Floating hydraulic locking system
  • Separate locking systems for upper/lower section
  • No wear of contact surfaces
  • No bleeding
  • No lubrication required

Modular tooling

HF offers modular tooling for flexible head openings, fast profile changes and reduced changeover times. Basic flow channels are already milled into the large movable parts of the extrusion head. Lightweight insert pieces allow quick and easy change ensuring full flexibility, for example from sidewall to tread or single to dual cavity extrusion. The individual flow channel re-configuration delivers the following benefits:

  • Increase of flexibility
  • Low pressure reduces material temperature
  • Short channels for minimum retention time
  • Avoidance of no-flow zones
  • Balanced compound distribution

Double tread
channel inserts for cap or base

Modular tooling

Double tread
channel inserts for wing

Modular tooling

Change from single to dual cavity

Modular toolingModular tooling

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