Hydraulic Curing Press for truck, bus and light agricultural tires (TBR)


Hydraulic Curing Press for truck, bus and light agricultural tires (TBR)

Product information

After a long tradition in design and manufacturing of curing presses for the truck tire industry, HF has analyzed the current market requirements and has brought all the important findings into our new hydraulic curing press for truck tires.

This new press optimizes key areas such as floor space, energy consumption, operation efficiency and tire quality.

As always, our presses are built with a modular approach that can be customized to your exact requirements.


  • Straight and angle type press designs available
  • „Slim“ version allows for more presses per trench
  • Improved locking and squeeze components
  • Stepless and automatic mold height adjustment
  • Achieves optimal tire concentricity
  • Press availability at benchmark level
  • Reduced wear, longer press life, improved cycle time and uniformity
  • Easier to maintain due to improved access to the important areas of the press
  • Built according to the latest safety, environmental and manufacturing requirements

Main Technical Parameters

Cavity control
Max. closing force
66'' Curing Press common/independent
Tire Parameters    
Bead diameter inch 17-24,5
Green tire outer diameter mm (inch) 1.200 (47,2)
Cured tire outer diameter mm (inch) 1.230 (48,4)
Cured tire height mm (inch) 500 (20)
Mold Container    
Type of mold   2-piece/segmented
Max. outer diameter mm (inch) 1.676 (66)
Min./max. mold height mm (inch) 350-630 (13,8-24,8)
Heating Platen    
Outer diameter mm (inch) 1.676 (66)
Chuck type   donut
Center Mechanism   standing post
Green Tire Stand   shoulder type (single)
Hydraulic System
from 1:1 to 1:6 (or more)
Heating System
piping and manifold concept available
various media available (steam/N2, steam/steam, hot water, etc.)
  customized to meet your requirements
PLC Systems/Automation   main suppliers available
Safety   according to local safety standards
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