Digital Solutions

Digital monitoring of the Tire Curing Process.

  • You intend to improve the machine performance?
  • You lack transparency on the performance?
  • Increase production output?
  • Minimize process drift in day-to-day production?
  • You want to leverage the know-how of your maintenance staff?
  • You are looking for easy trouble shooting?
  • You like to reduce your CO2 footprint?
  • You like to save energy costs?
  • You work on the digital transformation of your factory?
  • You want digital solutions for HF machinery?

Our solution: Condition monitoring for the tire curing process.

Customers benefits:

  • improvement of machine performance
  • monitoring the cycle time of tire curing
  • early warnings
  • indication of triggers for a continuous increase in cycle time
  • reduce actual cycle time by an average of up to 10-20 seconds per tire cure cycle
  • increase tire curing capacity

Improvement of machine availability.

Reduction of:

  • unplanned downtimes through early warnings
  • repair times by identifying causes of faults
  • planned maintenance times by directing the focus of the measures
  • operating costs by reducing repair and maintenance times
  • energy costs through avoidance of unnecessary cooling and preheating times
  • spare parts consumption through condition-based replacement

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