Tire building machines

Service & Maintenance

HF machines are built to last.
Nevertheless the world around them changes:
Tire technology is constantly being improved and re-invented.
Safety requirements change.
3rd party spare parts might become obsolete.
And last, but not least, there are our own inventions regarding new machine designs.

Spare parts

Genuine, precise fit and HF tried and tested quality standards keep your machines running.
We are ready to supply your system with spare parts for many years to come.

Technology upgrades

As tire technology advances, new requirements for old machines arise.
We help you to introduce the most recent developments into your existing machines.
Just tell us what you need – there is always a way to adapt your systems to produce tires according to your latest specification.

Obsolete parts replacement

Even with the most careful selection of our suppliers, after many years of use, some components might become obsolete. In this case we develop replacement solutions that provide the same and sometimes even superior functionality for your machines.
These replacement kits come as complete modules that can be retro-fitted with minimal downtime and impact on your production.

Productivity improvements

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, our R&D team has been developing ways to make your machines not only more effective in terms of tire output but at the same time reducing downtime.
We can support you in using the most recent technology in your existing machines for improved accuracy and shorter cycle time.
The service brochure and the summary of possible upgrades give you a taster and an overview of what we can provide.
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and evaluate possible upgrades/updates to your machine(s) and to offer you a tailor-made solution.

Safety Upgrades
We help you to meet your factory’s latest safety standards.
This can be as simple as adding additional fencing or as sophisticated as refining the safety zones and scanners.

Tell us about your experience with HF tire building machines and let us know what we can do to meet your needs.


Phone: +49 40 77179-0
Email: tbm-service@hf-group.com

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