HF’s ONE Tire building machine is the answer to new challenges in tire manufacturing and market demands.



High flexibility

  • ONE machine, three possible carcass drums
  • Quick change-over of different carcass drums without changing the shaft
  • High force, long hub, servo driven for symmetrical turn-up movements => SW width up to 230 mm (+)
  • Low final shaping distance => 180 mm bead to bead

Tire quality

  • Less stress on ply due to flat turn-up
  • Separate IL and SW application
  • No ply ending in SW area due to C turn-up
  • Constant cord length bead to bead
  • Very accurate SW inboard edge application
  • Ply-down to reinforce the carcass
  • Automation of former two-stage process with permanent bead control

Tire cost

  • High C turn-up => Reduces material and tire weight
  • No sidewall cracks when tire is in use due to elimination of ply ending in sidewall area
  • High efficiency

HF ONE TireTechnology International Innovation award winner 2019

HF ONE TireTechnology International Innovation award winner 2019

The recognition of winning this innovation award provides us with the motivation to continue with our R&D ambitions in the future.




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