Post Curing Inflator for new and existing curing presses (PCI)

Simple Design
Easy Adjustment

Post Curing Inflator for new and existing curing presses (PCI)

Product information

The patented Stack PCI design provides a simple and compact solution for post curing your tires. The compact design allows for the PCI to be integrated into even the tightest footprints. This solution eliminates any movement or rotations of the PCI body itself and greatly reduces the amount of moving mechanical components and maintenance. All HF presses are designed to incorporate the PCI.

The HF Stand Alone Stack PCI is designed to fit behind most existing curing presses.

We will replace the existing unloading unit together with the PCI, including independent hydraulic manifolds and electrical controls, along with a conveyor for transporting the tires to your take-away conveyor.

Post Curing Inflator for new and existing curing presses (PCI)


  • Simple and robust design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Accurate and stable
  • Fully automated
  • Adjustable overstroke (controlled by LVDT)
  • Universal stand alone PCI compatible to your existing presses

Main Technical Parameters

Frame construction type
Control type
Max. closing force

No. Inflation stations
Bead height adjustment
Post Curing Inflatorstack/stand alone
4 (2 per cavity)
stepless by recipe/touch panel
Tire Parameters    
Min./max. Bead diameter inch 12-25
Max. Cured tire outer diameter mm (inch) 1.000 (39,4)
Max. Cured tire height mm (inch) 450 (18)
Loading/Unloading   by press unloader/stand alone unloader
PLC Systems/Automation   main suppliers available
Safety   according to local safety standards



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