Curing presses

Supplier integrity

Our clients depend on our machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our systems are extremely reliable and very low in maintenance in every respect, provided that all wear and tear parts are inspected regularly and exchanged when necessary. We are constantly working on improvements for our machines so that your factory will remain technically state-of-the art.

Site installation services

We are available to support you with the installation & commissioning of your new or relocated curing presses to ensure the most efficient start-up of your equipment. We work closely together with your key users to enable you to install presses on your own, if preferred. Of course, we offer turnkey installation service as well.

Spare parts

We will always have parts available for your system. Essential wear parts are mainly manufactured in our factory in Belišće. These quality parts are designed to be long lasting, so that the functionality of your system is guaranteed over the entire life cycle of the press.


We provide more than just support in system design, assembly, and commissioning. We offer a wide range of maintenance and optimization services, particularly during running operations. Our team of experts can provide analysis of your systems, identifying any areas with improvement opportunities, and can propose the necessary measures required to optimize your operation.


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