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The HF TireTech Group is the world´s leading and most innovative curing press manufacturer, and is the right partner for you!

Features & benefits

From the first clarifications regarding your specific needs, through the order process and during manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of your curing presses, our team of sales representatives, engineers, project managers, and service people is always there for you. Our expertise is based on more than 4,000 delivered curing presses around the world. Our project team will review your requirements and find the right fit for your application from our various hydraulic curing presses, PCI´s for new presses or for retrofitting on most of your existing presses, as well as other potential improvements for your curing room. We base our designs on a combination of modular and customization approaches to make sure your basic specifications and specific plant requirements are always met.

The combination of our long history of designing and delivering curing presses based on innovative German engineering provides your tire operation with many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Main locking and squeeze components are outside of the heated area.
  • Combined function of the column includes guiding, squeezing, force absorption, mold height setting, etc.
  • Achieves optimal tire concentricity.
  • Press availability at benchmark level.
  • Straight and angle type press designs available to meet your different space requirements.
  • Reduced wear, longer press life, improved cycle time, and uniformity.
  • Easier to maintain due to improved access to the important areas of the press.
  • Proven energy saving systems in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Use of known and tested components.
  • Built according to the latest safety, environmental, and manufacturing requirements.
  • Vast experience with greenfield projects in all regions of the world.


  • Curing presses (English)
  • Hydraulic Curing Press for 2-wheeler, scooter, mopeds, 3-wheeler tires (English)
  • Hydraulic Curing Press for passenger car (PCR) (English)
  • Hydraulic Curing Press for Truck (HF Curemaster) (Chinese), (English)
  • Post Curing Inflator for new and existing curing presses (PCI) (English),


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