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HF TireTech Group designs hot and cold feed extruders and extrusion heads ranging from Simplex to Qintuplex in varying versions, as well as complex extrusion lines, which are designed with precision to suit our customers‘ needs.

Extrusion at its best! These are the essential characteristics of HF TireTech Group’s extrusion machinery:

  • Highest levels of energy efficiency.
  • The best solutions to support your process chain.
  • Excellent results in the tire manufacturing process.

Features & benefits

We create technology that ensures the best long-term production results. By the way, we are the technological leader in the premium segment. Our extrusion aggregates and extrusion lines are based on a modular design and are widely acclaimed as a trendsetter in the tire industry for the highest innovation standards, first class quality, and extreme longevity, combined with very low operating costs at an absolutely competitive initial price.

A combination of state-of-the-art-technology and tried and tested tradition offers true cost savings efficiency. Our machinery simply has the best life cycle. You can rely on HF TireTech Group’s extrusion machinery.



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