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Smart Quintuplex head for cutting edge extrusion technology

HF´s new generation of co-extrusion heads for highest demands in silica technology

At an early stage HF was already aware of the increasing demands made on tire technology. Consequently, HF has developed a quintuplex extrusion head in order to fulfill these requirements with regard to labeling regulations focused on roll resistance, wet grip and noise level.

The tire industry´s highest demands for extrusion of multiplex profiles for high performance tires in silica technology can be realized.

HF has enhanced the market-proven co-extrusion heads by integrating an additional small extruder on the top of the system. Our tailor-made smart Quintuplex extrusion heads allow up to five profile components from different compounds to be joined together in a single operation into one tread. During this process the additional fifth extruder directs a conductive compound into the tread profile to prevent electrostatic charges in the tire.

We have maintained the compact design of all key components and the operator´s easy accessibility when changing materials and tools.

Due to this compact design with patented hammerhead locking system and computer-designed flow channels many additional benefits will be realized:

  • Optimized head weight and floor space usage
  • Smart integration of the fifth extruder
  • Reduced pressure build-up
  • Guaranteed leak-free extrusion heads
  • Easily exchangeable modular tooling
  • Faster and safer profile change
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

A number of quintuplex extrusion heads have already been delivered and successfully implemented into the tire industry.

We – and therefore also our customers – are today already equipped for the upcoming performance evaluation with the tire labeling regulations in all markets.

For further information come and visit our booth 5030 at the Tire Technology Exhibition, Cologne 5th.-7th. Feb. 2013. We are looking forward meeting you in Cologne!

Furthermore, studies have proved that uniformity of the tire increases by using the PCI.

For this reason many tire manufacturer currently shift their production in order to achieve a better assessment with the tire labeling.

You should take advantage of the successful HF stack-PCI concept and its associated cost benefits!

We would be delighted to provide you with our support and personal advise.

With pleasure, your are most welcome to visit us during the "Tire Technology Exhibition 2013" in Cologne at our booth, hall 1, no. 5030.

We are looking forward meeting you!

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