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“Economical Extrusion of Technical Rubber Goods”

Can we adjust it? Yes, we can!

Simple words from Bob the builder, who inspired also the engineers from Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH to create a degassing extruder, which is not limited in the usual way.

Classical Vac Extruders are designed for a fixed output, which is determined by the throttle of the degassing zone. To bypass this restriction, several machine suppliers offer a bundle of different screws with different throttles. Each screw is still a compromise in regards of the output/ pressure level and also the time needed for the necessary screw changes is leading to a significant loss in productivity.

Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH (HF) is successfully supplying its DeSO System (Degassing Screw Optimizing System) for the vacuum extrusion of Technical Rubber Goods for many years. HF’s DeSO System allows the user to utilize maximum output of his extruder without changing screws for a wide range of profiles.

How does it work?

This system minimizes time and production losses when changing the profile or compound by allowing for adjustment between the barrier dam and the extruder cycle on the fly, while processing. The throttle gap can be adjusted when the machine is actually in operation. In this way, the optimum settings can be set for each individual profile size and compound being processed. Thus the most effective conditions for degassing and maximum throughput are maintained.
The system provides continuously variable adjustment of the gap between the throttle ring and the cylinder by moving the screw. To broaden the field of application of the DeSO System was the goal of a recent development at HF.

Additional capacity output of up to 70%

Through a completely new designed and new positioned throttle, there is now an additional capacity in output of up to 70%! This wider range leads to a further reduction of screws needed to cover the user’s entire range of products.

Even highly specialized screws can now be replaced by the multifunctional DeSO system. With a new designed outlet zone of the screw the total level of applications was lifted up to highest pressures for small profiles. Now HF has a screw to offer for extrusion pressures up to 500 bars, still maintaining the comfort of the DeSO system.


With its Degassing Screw Optimizing System HF is offering a solution to the Technical Rubber Goods industry that enables the manufacturer to an economical extrusion of rubber profiles.
Extruding the individual profiles on higher speed without making concessions to the extruder output is assuring a production on the highest level of productivity.
Further Improvements in the existing DeSO technology are leading to an again better cost-effectiveness. Taking these improvements into account, going for the DeSO system will pay back to the user sooner than ever before.

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